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Welcome to Keller Waterproofing & Foundation, Inc.

We are a full service company that speacilizes in installing:

  • new foundations
  • retaining walls (poured concrete or block)
  • monolithic slabs
  • driveways, walkways and patios.
  • We install brick, stone, and block.

We have engineers working alongside with us if needed. Our foundations are square, correct and guaranteed waterproofed for the life of the structure.

We keep drainage in mind when we install concrete - we know how much damage water will do to concrete. We routinely install catch basins where they are supposed to be and put the correct slope on the slab. No other concrete or masonry company will offer you this service! Tap into our vast knowledge and have peace of mind that the retaining wall you build today will still be up and straight 20 years later. Most importantly, our highest degree of praise comes from the thousands of referrals we get from satisfied customers.